Les acronymes informatiques revus et corrigés


Les acronymes informatiques revus et corrigés

Mais que veulent dire tous ces mots et acronymes informatiques ? Voici une version d’un dictionnaire un peu spécial (et en anglais) qui vous fera surement marrer. Je m’excuse d’avance pour les non anglophones et les non informaticiens ;-)

A AMIGA = A Merely Insignificant Gamers Addiction Apple = Arrogance Produced Profit Losing Entity AOL = Advertising Overloads Losers

B BASIC = Bill’s Attempt to Seize Industry Control BING = Believe I‘m Not Google BIOS = Basically I‘m Origin of System BIOS = Boots In One Second C COBOL = Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language CD-ROM = Consumer Device-Rendered Obsolete in Months

D DEC = Do Expect Cuts DOS = Defective Operating System

E eBook = Enemy of Book eBay = Electronic Bid Against Yourself

G Gigo = Garbage In, Garbage Out Google = God’s Only Online Gateway Linking Electronically

H HCL = Hilarious Computer Logic HTTP = Hackers Text Transfer Protocol

I IBM = I Blame Microsoft IBM = I Buy Macs iPad = I Protest Adobe iPhone = I Prefer Hipness Over Network Excellence iPod = Idiots Price Our Devices IE = Internet Exploder ISDN = It Still Does Nothing

L LISP = Lots of Infuriating and Silly Parenthesis

M MAC = Most Absurd Computer Macintosh = Most Applications Crash, If Not, The Operating System Hangs Microsoft = Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers MIPS = Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed MSN = My Silly Network

N NEXT = Now EXchange for Trash NAPSTER = No longer A Possible Solution To Escape Record-buying NTFS = Not a Trusted File System

O OS/2 = Obsolete Soon 2 OS = Operation Suspende

P PICNIC = Problem In Chair Not In Computer PDF = Pigs Do Fly PHP = Pretty Horrid Privacy Pentium = Produced Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Understanding of Mathematics PCMCIA = People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

R RAM = Raggedy A** Machine

S SSL = Security Silently Leaked SSL = Sessions Seriously Lagging SPAM = Successfully Pestering Advertising Material SCSI = System Can’t See It

T TWAIN = Technology Without Any Important Name Twitter = Thoughts Which I Think They Enjoy Reading

V Vista = Very Inconsistent Software – Try Another

W WGA = Windows Genuinely Angry WARP = What A Rot Program Windows = Will Install Needless Data On Whole System Windows = Wished I‘d Never Deployed On Work Station Windows ME = Windows Mistake Edition Windows XP = Windows eXPired WWW = World Wide Wait

Y Yahoo = You Always Have Other Options